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Turtle Point Environmental Science Center Curriculum

  All classes include a tour of the building, gardens, boardwalk, butterfly house and a close encounter of the animal kind. 


Animal Tales & Scavenger Hunt

Who's hiding at Turtle Point? Students will listen to fun animal stories before exploring Turtle Point and meeting the animals.

 K-2nd  Grade

 Feelin' Crabby 

 Students will compare and contrast several species of crabs.  Instruction will focus on claws

and their uses, exoskeletons, and shells.  An art activity includes creating a hermit crab and

selecting the perfect shell for its home.


Hug A Bug

What do creepy crawlies and flitting fliers have in common?  Students will identify body

parts of insects and arachnids and will take home an art project that reinforces the

concept of metamorphosis.

 Common Critters

The basic characteristics of each animal group found at Turtle Point will be

discussed. Students will understand the basic needs of these animals and how to

group them based on body characteristics.

  1st  Grade

 Making Tracks   WINTER ONLY

 Come join us on a discovery of who creeps around Turtle Point.  Students will get to

know some of the animals that share their backyard by investigating animal tracks and

making plaster tracks.

Loafing in Logville

Students will do a field study of animal habitats.  Classifying, graphing, and data

collection are involved.

Know Bones About It

Get up close and personal with your skeleton! This class includes discussion of form

and function of the human skeleton as well as an art project that reinforces the names

and positions of bones in the human body.

  2nd  Grade

  What's on the menu?

  What would you feed a grasshopper? Or how about an owl? Join us for an investigation

 in food chains that includes a take-home project and other activities.

Scales and Tails

Students will learn about animal adaptations while studying fish.  Your students

will get to show their creativity by designing their own fish.

Water You Doing?

Join us for a journey through the water cycle.  Students will become a droplet of

water and will discover many paths that water can take on the journey. 

 3rd  Grade      

  Chatty Chirpers

Have you ever tried to eat with a beak? Discover the unique abilities of a bird's beak

while learning the basics of bird anatomy.  This class involves fun activities including

bird watching, eating like a bird, and bird identification. 

From Plow to Chow

Come garden with us and find out how food gets to your plate.  Students will learn about seed

germination, gardening and other agricultural basics.  This class includes a fun project that

students will take home.

Fur that Flys

Learn to love bats, a common but misunderstood animal of Alabama.  This class

includes an art project and a game that will help students understand how bats use

their senses on a daily basis.

  3rd & 4th  grades:

Beach Bash 

 Students will distinguish between different kinds of sand using grain size, color

and particle mixture.  Students will have to group themselves with like sands to form a 'beach'.

The groups will then be challenged to find the actual beach that their sand came from on a map

by using latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates.

  4th  Grade

 To the Moon and Back! 

 Come join us for an astronomical adventure!! The lesson includes fun activities and

a study of the moon.

Hooray for Herps

Join us for a herp adventure!  Students will compare and contrast reptiles and amphibians while discussing the concepts of metamorphosis, endothermic, and ectothermic.   Students will take home a project relating to reptiles of this region.

Our Natural Natives

Discover historical uses of our natural resources while exploring the conservation

practices of Native Americans. 

  5th  Grade and Up  

Get Your Bearings

Hunt for clues, answers and treasures using a handheld GPS unit.  Students will also

learn to use a compass and map. 

Team Building

Class limited to 25 participants. Challenge your students to a day of

activities designed to build leadership and cooperation skills. This class is also great

for staff development.           

Fierce, Feathered Flyers

Birds of prey have amazing skills and senses.  Take a journey through the night and

learn about the biology of raptors through the dissection of owl pellets. 

 The Great Clean Up 

Teams of students will be given the challenge of completing a hazardous waste clean-up on the

beach.  Teams must devise a plan that stays within budget and uses available tools and

resources.  The waste must be disposes of properly with as little environmental impact as